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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramadhan Kareem ~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 
Sedar tak sedar dah tahun 2016. Last post tahun 2014. Means 2 years ago. Dah lama tak share dalam blog. Disebabkan macam-macam media sosial dah ada sekarang. WhatsApp, Instagram, line, telegram, we chat dan banyak lagi. Blog still ada lagi cuma sekarang orang jarang dah nak blogging. Maybe yang still blogging tu memang top blogger or active. (Tak macam aku). 

Back to our topic, Ramadhan Kareem. That means we are celebrating Ramadhan and happy fasting for 1437H. Jom sama-sama kita gemukkan pahala serta kuruskan dosa. Aku sedar, I'm not perfect. But, we are teached to be better than yesterday. Am I right? For me, I still in learning process because what are we doing it is part of learning. For example, preparation before berbuka, we must cook some dishes. Honestly, I am not expert in cooking, but I still help my mum or ask what should I do. I am learning for some recipes. 

At night, we are perform solat terawih after solat isyak. Certain my friends, they did not perform terawih. I feel weird. When I look at their history, since childhood they do not perform solat at Masjid. Just do it by self. Buy, why ? It is depend on their culture of their family. Certain family, only son and father do terawih at Masjid while the daughter stay at home with their mother. It just my internal view. 

I think it is enough fof today. Maybe I continue for writing for next day. In Sha Allah. Let's smile because it is part of sedekah. =)


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