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Thursday, August 2, 2012

usaha lagi!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t, 
today, 2 august 2012. bukak fb, then kat page usim. students duk citer sal status 'ralat kat ewadi' gara2 result da kuar. how your result? it's mine! perghhhhh. NO FEELING right now. aku dapat news from my friend, guess what.??
she got DEAN LIST!
mabruk to her!
so, me????

just, leave it! i don't have the idea to talk or tell about that. keep it into rubish, atheer!! Ya Allah, aku lemah. aku tak dapat terima kenyataan ini. please YA ALLAH!!! bantulah hambaMu ini. aku insan yang lemah. last sem, aku da janji nak dapatkan dean list for this sem. BUT,

mesti coursemateku, x-ro0mates dapat result yang gempak. except me. 

so. what should i do? give up? it is end when i give up!
so, wake up MYSELF!!!!
do da best for next time!
i admit, aku banyak main sem nie. so, better change to the better from this sem!
wait n see for next sem, THIRD SEM!
i will do the better and more matured compare this sem.
i'm promise!!!! fighting!!!!!!

get to go, have to cook for my family....