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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
sudah lama aku menyepi. tak sempat nak update blog. hohoho
terlalu busy dengan assignments for subject especially camp. tapi, today i make it to type something. as the title for my blog, the part of learning~
i want to suggest u olls to read this book
it is called "anthem"
author by HLOVATE
my favourite writer. 
many of lessons you all can take it from this book. i also enjoy when read this book.  

the synopsis this book,
‘Hi, I’m Dania Dashrin. Call me Dash. I lived in (isi tempat kosong dengan nama tempat yang last ayah kena stationed) prior. I love music, and having a good time’.

Nur Dania ‘Dash’ Dashrin; a third-culture kid caught in a limbo between home-country Malaysia and the world she knew. Sent back to Malaysia for her Upper Form Secondary education from Delhi, hell broke loose as she was adjusting with the life and expectation living in a boarding school, especially not being made easy by those who would never understand. The clashes of beliefes,culture, principals, definitions of identity and a struggle to prove that she was her own person, was a long battle.

And she learnt; that everybody sure do have a past, but currently giving their all to live the present, and sure as rain deserves a future.

copy from Hlovate fb.

that all from me. hope enjoy it when you read that book. In sha Allah you will love it. :)

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