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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Again !!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Untuk semester 1 sesi 2012/2013 dah nak sampai ke penghujung. Assignments still bertimbun lagi. Harapan aku, nak completekan assignment awal2 ag. Nampaknya, nasi dah jadi bubur. Still procrastinate my assignments, astaghfirullah. Back to my story about the procrastinate my assignment which my lecturer had decided the deadline early to submit the assignment. Aduhai, i'm still terikut dengan zaman sekolah. 
Matrik pun sama. But sometimes, I think I had changed my behavior. 

BERUBAH! KO MEMANG PATOT BERUBAH! to better behavior. 

Last but not least, Ya Allah, plez give me the strengths!
I had miss my best friends. I know they are busy right now. Or maybe they had a lot task. I hope my best friends will contact me. I miss their voice and message which give me a lot of support.
where are you my friends???

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thanx for concern about me..>.<