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Thursday, December 8, 2011


assalamualaikum to all muslimin wa muslimat...
serta warga blogger y dikasihi semua..

as the title for my latest entry.
i would like to share something wit u all.
bout my shooting for our movie video maker(arabic version)

my task in making video,
i had task in editind the video.
all the software can't use to help me in making video...
many software i had downloaded
for example, windoW live..avidemuX.. n movie maker...

do u know, what..???
The period of video ustazah want is too lo0ng...
about 10-15 min...
i don't know what should i do?
some1 wanna help me,
but dy 0 knowledge but IT...
my bfF had help me...thx a lot!!
l0ve u..^_^

there are some picture when the date for shooting:
btw, at date 2nd shooting   
i got the chance to drive the car...
perghhhh...bez giler.....
huhu...(walaupon my passenger said aku bwk laju + danger)

promote kedai nie...

depan astana mayang sari

dis car i had drove!
(but no pic wit dis car)

b4 bertolak


thanx for concern about me..>.<